Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The word reflect was develop through innovatice pilot programer in Uganda, Bangladesh and El salvation between 1993 and 1995. It started as a fusion of the political philosophy of of Brazilian educator it part freire with the pratical Methodologies developed for Partispactory Rural Appraisal (P.R.A.) the evaluation of these diverse pilot experiences was published by the (U.K) Department for International.
The Global Reflect survey, conducted in 2000, showed that Reflect was being used by over 350 organization in 60 Countries. It is used in, Local, Nation and International N.G.Os , By Social movement, people's Organization District and Regional Government.
The pratitioners around the world are kept in contact with each other through the International Reflect circle cirrac( Which won the UNESCO International literacy prize in 2003.
(visit www.reflect-action.org).

STAR: Society Tackling Aids through rights.
REFLECTS:learning and social change and also to create a space where poeple feel not comfortable to meet and disscuse issues relevant to their life.
STEPPING STONE: Stepping is trainning package on H.I.V/Aids that focusess primary on reducing H.I.V/Aids in communities. it also life skills and aspects of our lives,why we have in the way we do, and ways in which we can change our behaviours .
moral lesson
You can used star as a tool to mainstream H.I.V/Aids. difference factors fuel the spread of H.I.V. in difference states or setting.
You can used REFLECT as a tool.POLYGAMY is one of the challege faced in addressing H.I.V/Aids and also to mesure the inpact of an intervention between organization and the communities.
You can uesd PRA TOOL.Pactispactory Rural Accesement which can be used to identify point of monitoring H.I.V. during application of PlA TOOL.
Management skill and good quaties of a facilitator.To expose volunteers with the skill partispactory tools
To suport H.I.V. Aids.
Mainstreaming star as an approach tool in community.
Empoweering community in the face of H.I.V/Aids.

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